Designing preventive, personalized immunities to achieve pandemic and pathogen eradication


Before founding BT, Joe Birmingham, President, worked in secure federal laboratories studying chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) weaponry. His work notably included the development of significant countermeasures for weaponized viruses and bacteria. He is a listed inventor on various patented technologies including ionized gas lysing with biomarker identification.

His work for the U.S. Government on these extraordinary, high-impact projects has given him a technical foundation to design novel means and methods to identify, capture and kill a wide variety of common and uncommon pathogens using the body’s own immune system.


BT’s leading-edge technology and the body’s own immunological response mechanisms can be used to defeat viruses, harmful bacteria, parasites, and even cancers. Conventional vaccines for specific viruses are developed using antigens injected into animal hosts to produce antibodies in bulk. The process, which relies on a series of large-scale trials taking years, is intended to produce a therapy for the general population for a single strain of virus.

BT’s approach is to use patient-unique blood samples to detect pathology. If any antigens are detected, patient-specific antibodies can then be incubated quickly before a virus or cancer can mutate. This is close to real-time detection, diagnosis and treatment of a subject’s pathology(s). It represents a tectonic development in personalized medicine as opposed to an incremental improvement in ‘wholesale’ therapies for the general population that requires years to test and to bring to market.

“To invent is to discover what we know not, and not to recover or resummons which we already know”. 

– Sir Francis Bacon


Processing molecules in the nanometer scale requires a sophisticated understanding of material properties at these dimensions. New solutions are only now emerging as these properties are understood. In this vein, BT’s research is generating products and processes and related intellectual property for a variety of solutions in pathogen detection, disease eradication, microelectronics, filtration, and material science.