• Sustainability

    Every watt migrated from
    carbon-based fuels to
    thermionics is a step to
    correct global warming.

BT’s research and development are producing products and services designed to provide remarkable environmental benefits that should be evaluated, certified, and promoted as “brand-differentiating” qualities. But the company itself also needs to develop a tailored Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program to ensure that it is socially accountable to all stakeholders and to the public.

To that end, BT has launched a study of relevant CSR programs, guidelines, and principles relevant to its industry and to its products and services. The internal study group, which reports to the CEO, will generate a draft CSR Plan of Action to be submitted to the Board of Directors for its consideration, comment, and ultimately, formal acceptance in the form of a Board Resolution approving the measure as Company policy.

BT understands that a commitment to a very high standard of Corporate Social Responsibility is a matter of good corporate citizenship. But it also understands that it is very much in the company’s interest to establish and to meet very high CSR standards that are meaningful to the company’s consumers, suppliers, investors – and policymakers.

“The most sustainable way is to not make things.
The second most sustainable way is to make something very useful,
to solve a problem that has not been solved”

– Thomas Sigsgaard