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    Invention and innovation that shatters legacy thinking


    Birmingham Technologies, Inc. (BT) was founded in 2015 by Joseph Birmingham. The company’s headquarters and research operations are in Virginia and its engineering, design and manufacturing facilities are in Idaho.
    The company’s technology is the product of over three decades of research and development in advanced materials and nano technologies. Its leadership team includes engineers, scientists, and degreed professionals with extensive experience in technology development and commercialization.


    Internally, BT’s operating culture is deeply collaborative. Externally, senior management leverages its extensive network of trusted industry executives to refine development initiatives. The company’s scientific and technical subject matter experts, many with cross cutting professional and academic backgrounds in engineering, technology productization, market analysis, corporate finance, and planning, provide BT with deep industry knowledge and situational awareness.
    Our executives are named inventors on more than 25 patents and patent applications in multiple disciplines, including nanotechnology, blood pathogen research, energy harvesting, pandemic solutions, microfiltration, semiconductor design, electrospray, advanced materials, and aeronautical physics.
    The BT culture is built on respect for both academic accomplishments and for practical wisdom born out of work experience. Senior staff members have academic degrees from elite institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, West Point, and Princeton and have served in C suite capacities in organizations such as DARPA, Boeing Satellite Systems, Raytheon Communications Systems, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. But management also actively seeks innovative, critical thinkers with practical wisdom and a passion for creativity.
    BT also offers highly competitive seasonal job opportunities for college students and for post-doctorate fellows in various research and development disciplines.


    BT is supporting public and private initiatives in several emerging markets including bioscience (pandemic diagnostic and solutions), filtration, energy, and micro/nano scale printing. BT intends to take each of its proprietary technologies to market in dedicated subsidiaries and will provide each of the respective operating units with requisite financial and managerial resources.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.
Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

— George Bernard Shaw

BT Leadership Team

President & Founder
Joe Birmingham, President and Founder, has 30+ years of research, development, and manufacturing experience, bringing many products to markets in the energy harvesting, ionized gas, biomedical, semiconductor, among other tech industries.
Joe is a prolific inventor in several technology areas and is a listed inventor on more than 25 patents. Previously, Joe was a Senior Research Engineer in the Electrical and Chemical Processing Group at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. During his tenure at Aberdeen Proving Ground, he invented, developed, and patented revolutionary air purification technology (“Plasma Catalysis”). Joe was the Chief Investigator for multiple DARPA, DOE, and other USG grants totaling over $20 million.
He received a BES (dual degree) in Chemical Engineering-Materials Science Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and has completed graduate studies in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at George Washington University.
Chief Executive Officer
Frank is CEO of BT, and President of Velocity Technology Partners, LLC. He is a pioneer, strategist, and technologist with a proven record of consistently driving revenues and profits for Fortune 100 and growth companies using advanced skills at aligning people, processes, and technologies, with defined business strategies and visions. Frank is recognized internationally as an articulate leader in satellite communications, IT, energy and climate change initiatives, and space systems. He is a highly developed engineer in the discovery, ideation, concept development, product design, and commercialization of high-tech solutions. Frank has managed procurement budgets of up to $900M, IR&D budgets up to $78M, and organizations of up to 560 personnel.
For the past eight years, his company, Velocity Technology Partners has led a Technology Scouting team for the U.S. Government responsible for evaluating technologies and business practices and use cases across start-ups and large primes seeking government business. Prior to BT, he was a Senior VP for ORBCOMM, Director of Raytheon Rapid Initiatives Group, Director of BD for Raytheon Communications Systems, Director of Army Requirements, Hughes Space and Communications/Boeing Satellite Systems.
Frank has a B.S. in Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point and completed the Command and General Staff College. He retired as Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army, is Six Sigma qualified, attended Raytheon Executive Management School at the University of Chicago, and graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.